Friday, July 6, 2007

That damn rash

The nasty rash is gone! On to new things-Cade seems to have figured out who I am. He likes me! He likes me so much that when I leave the room he usually cries until I reappear. Peek-a-boo doesn't work yet. He hasn't processed that I am still nearby. So while I'm feeling the love, I am also feeling the pull-your-hair-out frustration that I can't even go pee without him crying.

Also...he is in the next level of car seat now. I dreaded this because it meant I couldn't cart him around while he slept. He has been great though. Car-stroller-car-stroller and on and on. We went out the past two days and hardly a peep. I'm a lucky mommy.
This is him in his new exersaucer-which they should rename "baby occupier". Love it.


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