Friday, January 11, 2008

Read Me!

On a lighter note (in reference to my previous post) you must read "Eat, Pray, Love"by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am in LOVE with this book and am only half way through. It may seem early to be making this recommendation based on the fact that I haven't finished it, but its just that good.
I heard about this book some time ago but generally avoid any book with "pray" in the title. I am not a religious person, although I know plenty of people who feel a connection to a God (I know I know, you probably dislike the "a" in that sentance but I am trying to be respectful to all of you). That said, I have my own feelings on the topic. I do not object to these beliefs but also do not immerse myself in religion. I had enough after uniersity (a degree in sociology of religion). But-I heard the book was great and not so much about a particular religion as it was about a woman seeking inner peace through spirituality, pleasure and balance.
Ohhh but I digress, back to the book-its about a woman who goes through a divorce and basically a early-life crisis (35 does NOT count as mid-life) and decides to travel for a year to find herself. Thus far its not your typical soul searching, regurgitation-inducing, love fest. Its funny and clever and thought provoking.

This is not my image, I do not own it. But please don't sue me-I am promoting your book. On second thought, can you send me free stuff, I like free stuff.


Anonymous Zoo said...

I agree I agree I agree... this book must be read by all... its just too good to put down... this book is just so "right" about everything really.. men need to read it if they want insight to about oh lets say 95% of the female population... hahaaa.. its 2 thumbs up from mee!!!

January 19, 2008 at 1:00 AM  

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