Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On the mend

I woke up yesterday feeling much better. I saw the endodontist again, and aside from shaving down my tooth, she said it seems to be healing-finally! Thanks for the e-mail, comments and calls. I am no longer dying a slow and painful death-by-tooth. Cade must be happy, my smile is no longer lopside and my nose reloacted back to its original position. I think I looked like a stranger. I had taken a picture of my gums and infection but in case any of you log on while eating, contemplating eating, or just recently finished eating, I thought better of it.

On a completely unrelated note: I've had to give Cade formula this week due to the antibiotics and occasional narcotic use on my part. It makes his breath stinky and his poop green and REALLY stinky. Oops, there I go being gross again.

P.S. My laptop is being repaired, again...I'll try to post some pics when I remember to bring the disc all the way down to the basement:) We got some great new ones done by my fabulous photographer friend Jessica Tse.


Blogger heathersway said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I say go ahead and post those pics of the scary infection riddled gums. Include a caption like, "This is what happens when you refuse to floss" (even though I know that's not what happened to you). That way, parents will be able to use your blog to scare their kids into good dental habits :)

November 7, 2007 at 8:28 AM  

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