Friday, January 11, 2008

Can you tell my child is sleeping?

Three posts in 20 minutes, a personal record! American republicans reading my blog-you may want to skip this post. The rest of you-are you watching the primaries? I have a passion for politics, although I am not sure where this comes from since neither of my parents are politically inclined. IF I were American I would be a democrat, since there are only two viable political options in the USofA. I am so interested in the democratic primaries since there are reasonable contenders for the job, and since I can't fathom how ANYONE would elect a republican in the next term. Or maybe the public thinks they couldn't do any worse than the dolt currently "serving".

If your a liberal who do you like? I think I prefer Hillary Clinton. Why? She is left of Barack Obama on the political spectrum, as am I, and she is a SHE. Maybe this makes me a bleeding heart feminist but I think the world would be a very different place if a woman was running the show down south. That is not to say that I agree with everything she has done or does but I think she offers a REAL perspective. Don't start on the Monica-gate, its not our business!

On to Obama-or should I call him the new JFK? Full of hope and promise and youth (OK this is relative) and a real family man. He is a democrat so I still like him. I'm just hoping not to see another old white man governing. White men no longer represent the American majority, and if your a white man, ahem Dad-I still like you. Speaking of white men-the republican primaries-Romney, time to drop out-your not going to win (and who names their kid MITT?), seriously.

My prediction? Obama takes the prize.


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