Friday, August 3, 2007

The Mafia

After reading my cousins story about her pervert neighbor ( I was inspired the tell you about our crappy neighbors. Some of you have heard me rant about them before, but for those who haven't had the pleasure...

The neighbors across the street moved in about 3 years ago. We introduced ourselves and they seemed friendly enough. About 6 months after moving in they let their friend hit my car so hard that it relocated to the side walk. How do I know? The other neighbors watched their little friend leave their house! Police were called by the good neighbors and the bad neighbors denied it. Thus began my dislike of them.

Since then our cars have been hit 3 more times, once by slamming Tyler's car into mine. They never know anything about it. UNTIL-my first night out after having Cade. My dad took me to a hockey game and Tyler was with Cade. He watched the Bentley (mentioned below) hit his car. No apologies from the neighbors, NOTHING.

They also dumped gravel on the street (not their driveway) and it made a huge mess that was there for a few months. They make a ton of noise and he (40 something white guy with paunch, man boobs, and streaked blond tips) walks around without his shirt, chest puffed, smoking a cigar, talking on a cell phone. Apparently they don't have phone service in their home.

Why do I call them the mafia? They are friends with some locally known shady characters. They have lineups of Jags, Porches, and even a Continental Bentley GT (if you don't know this car is about $250000 cdn) at their house on any given night and they stay there until 3am. They park in front of our house and leave no room for Tyler. So last time he parked about 5 inches away from a Lincoln Navigator. I park in the garage now, with my new car, since I'd like it to stay in one piece. Did I mention they have a kid? We call him mini-mafia, since their poor manners seemed to have rubbed off on him. The evidence-he used to hit my car with his basketball whenever he felt like it.

So I know they aren't the worst out there (not even close) but they are lame. They annoy me and they have caused a few thousand in damages to our cars. I don't speak to them, I do glare pretty well though.


Anonymous bitetherabbit said...

Like my header says: Down with creepy neighbors!

They suck. Yuck.

August 3, 2007 at 1:05 PM  

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