Saturday, January 19, 2008

Its just $, right?

I've hit the $4200 mark, yikes. But-Cade got a few new items and they look so cute that if I never sell a thing I can count Cade's three new pairs of pants, one shirt and one pair of boots as worth $4200 (a steal of a deal at $840 each). For that price they will be preserved in enbalming fluid and framed for the rest of his life.

Another $ related note-I AM WINNING ON EBAY! I have never eBayed-yes I'm lame. I plan on selling a few things from the store (not the wholesale items that come with a big-DO NOT SELL ON EBAY) so I needed to learn about eBay. What better way than ordering jewelery and shoes? Thats right, things for momma! Momma needs a new purse too, or maybe 3? Now if Canada Post would get to work and deliver my EBay Business for Canadian Dummies (or something like that) then I could actually get my store open online.

Photo #1: Cade in new Mish pants-yes we have some more, size 24 months (fits like 18 months)-NEW, that is if I don't steal them 1st. The model is also wearing his cute little Kitson shoes, normally rediculously overpriced but not this pair (and nope-we won't be carrying these, good luck finding someone who does, ha!).

Photo#2: Cade's new expression, its been hard to cath but here it is!

Phot0#3: A great example of a fat lip, obtained by attempting to mount fire truck and falling (at least we think....).


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