Friday, July 4, 2008

He speaks

Cade is becoming increasingly well versed in the English language and now attempts to say nearly all words that we ask of him. The most recent word in his repetoire is "pasta", which actually sounds like "pista". I ask him if he wants to eat dinner and he says "pista???".

He also has a fondness for "juice, cheese and apple". He likes the first two but throws apple pieces on the floor. In fact, he throws almost everything on the floor, except pista. You should see what the floor lookes like after a meal. I could feed another child, scratch that, I could feed my husband! It's ridiculously wasteful but I can't exactly scoop up garbage and serve it for breakfast. I'm pretty sure that someone with a badge could haul my ass of to jail for neglect or something like it. So, I throw out buckets of food and hang my head in shame.

Some other favourites:
1. Go out?= Gout. Sometimes he screams this while we're out. Gout gout GOUT!!!!
2. Birdie?= squirrel, birdie, small rodents.
3. Guy=cat. Yeah, I don't understand either. Spontaneous erruptions of "cat" are now making his way out of his lips.

He also loves to say puppy. I think this kid has extraordinary hearing, if he hears a dog bark I hear puppy, puppy, puppy for next hour. So puppy, you're cute but PLEASE SHUT UP.

Have I ever mentioned that he points to random men and says "daddy?" while we are out shopping. Yeah, thats fun.


Anonymous Sharla said...

That's so cute! I love the stage when they start speaking. We still have nicknames for things that are the names that our kids used to call things when they were first starting to talk like we still sometimes call the backyard the "backie" since that is how Jonah said it when he was little.

July 5, 2008 at 8:00 PM  

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