Friday, November 21, 2008

Chooo Chooo!

Got a cord, here you go.

Here are a few pics of the renos, unfortunately I didn't take many so they aren't very good, but it's coming along.

If you look at the pic of the table you'll see Cade's new Handysitt booster seat-no more highchair! LOVE IT.

Next to come...Cade's train table.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Absentee blogger

I've been absent since I tried to revamp the page, got frustrated, had a tantrum and abandoned the blog for awhile. I'm back, although I still don't have the patience to fix it, but I can babble anyway...


C is speaking, as in stringing words together, like "mine mommy", "hug mommy", "fic it mommy (fix it mommy)", vaccuming (sounds like va-KOOM-ing)", "love you (wuv-OOO)", "hug it (for anything, everything", and my favourite "olten lives couver (Kolton lives in Vancouver)". GENIUS!

However, along with the increased language skills came increased tantrums, and I contemplate giving him away on a daily basis. Oh don't look so shocked, I've invested too much to give him away, and he's cute. I'll keep him.

And on another note, we are nearly done the living room/kitchen reno (wall tear down to create an open floor plan). I shouldn't say that "we" are almost done, because all "we" do, as in ME, is boss people around and dole out cheques. But whatever, if you know me, you know I don't "do" manual labour. I can clean like a mad woman, but get all gross and dusty, I'll pass. Tyler? Well he works too much, that's his excuse. I would post pics if I could find my USB cord but it's lost in renovations....once it surfaces you'll see the project. Oh, and we have a new front door. It's great, and it better be, since it cost the equivalent of a small country.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All that and I nearly forgot...

Cade gave me his illness, I puked in the toilet at work this afternoon. In the dirty, public washroom. I refused to crouch, so I stood up and puked in the vertical.

Then I went shopping, for my friends' wedding dress. You see, I take my matron of honour duties seriously, and I refused to bail. I took some Gravol, toughed it out, and now I'm home-celebrating the end of an ugly era in politics.

Thank you Americans

I am so relieved in your presidential selection. If you weren't aware of international perception I think you should know that many people's opinion of America and Americans had changed over the past 8 years. However, tonight you restored my confidence. I'm pleased to be your neighbour and your friend. Many Canadians are celebrating tonight, thanks to the gift given to the world by Americans-Barack Obama.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a sniffle and an update

So Cade did NOT catch Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. Yay! Just the sound of it grosses me out. No nasty blisters or fever, just a bit of a cough and a sniffle.

As for my railway project, I've almost completed stage 2-painting. I'm not trying to make this thing in to some work of art, rather just a fun railway system for him to use for the next few years. I didn't really realize how ambitious this undertaking was, nor how costly! I saw some train set tables that we between $99-$199, but I was convinced I could make a cooler one for much less. So far the costs look something like this:

2 pcs of MDF: $25
Astroturf (that was turfed): $17
2 hinges: $4
Paints: $10
Accessories (and we need A LOT more): $60
Tracks: $60
Various Trains:Ikea-$15 Thomas: $35

So ,while I would have purchased the trains anyway, it seems that my little undertaking might lead me to banruptcy. Maybe I should wrap it up on Christmas eve and stick a bow on it, make him pretend to be surprised. Nah, I'll just dig myself a little credit hole and crawl in.