Thursday, August 23, 2007

Whats up with my baby?

I've created a monster. When Cade was born I slept with him, which I think we both enjoyed (although I can't say I slept well). By about 3 months he was in the bassinet and at 4.5 months he was in the crib. He slept ok in the crib (fell asleep around 7:30 p.m. and stayed there for about 8 hours with feedings) and then he came to bed with me. I liked this arrangement because we still got our cuddle time but I also got a bit of sleep. About three weeks ago he decided he doesn't like the crib. He cries and cries when he wakes up there and calms down as soon as we pick him up. He wants to sleep with mommy! The crying spells happen about every 1-2 hours, on a good night. We have persevered and put him in the crib again and again...until about 2 in the morning, when I just can't take it anymore. I'm TOO tired!

I've heard it all: "you've got him in these bad sleep habits and you need to change it", " let him cry it out" and finally what I needed to hear" he is your baby, your the mom, you do whats right for you because you need to sleep". This last comment came on the cusp of my pending insanity. I am SO tired of the "let the baby cry it out" suggestion. I'm not letting my baby cry it out. If that works for you-GREAT, its not happening in this house. I've tried the warm bath before bed, books, cuddles, putting him to bed awake (yeah that went well) etc. I know he is manipulating me (in the sense that he now knows crying will get my attention) but I don't care.

Whats with this culture of extreme independence? I'm all about the attachment parenting model, with my own modifications. Like I said he is 6 months old, if he needs his mom, then he needs him mom, period. So my new plan is put him in his crib as much as possible while I am awake (and he is sleeping), and when he wakes up, while I slumber, bring him to bed. If he needs "sleep training" I'll consider that at a later date.

Any of you experiencing not only unsolicted advice, but repeated unsolicited advice? The same things over and over? So what if I've created a monster? I'm not clear on why other people feel the need to tell me how to mother my child. If I ever do this to you, tell me to SHUT UP-its none of my business. How was that for a rant? I feel better now...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sleep Boycott

Cade is boycotting sleep. He decided that he doesn't like the crib, or sometimes even the bed. Last night he slept for an hour and half at a time and then screamed. He ate everytime he woke up. He came to bed and farted all night, while he did this he kicked me repeatedly and pulled my hair. It was great fun.

Aside from this my baby still has two teeth which are nice and sharp. He tried chicken yesterday. Yes-I made chicken. I bought an organic one and boiled the crap out of it until it was nice and mushy. He hated it. My little vegetarian...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vacation Summary

We're back and tired. One week away from home, including the Jumperoo and the play mat. One week of visiting with Ty's side of the family. One week of people willing to cuddle my baby. It was nice to visit but am I ever glad to be home! I need my bed, my cats, my quiet. We ate like crazy and I must have gained a few pounds along the way. Tyler and I both celebrated our birthdays there and now we need to adjust to making our own food again. I took a ton of pictures, mostly of Cade gracing us with his beautiful presence. The trip there was great! The trip home was not so much. Stoping every hour was fun...

While we were there my baby got his first tooth and when we got home yesterday he sprung a second one. I was not ready for this. I almost cried. The real crying came when Tyler and I finally had a date (yes this is the first since Cade was born). We saw the cutest little boy walking down the street with his dad. He couldn't have been any older than 18 months. I shed some tears realizing my baby is getting there-FAST. He is almost crawling. Its all happening too fast.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Because I can...

Recent pics of my beautiful baby.

Mmmmmm Food

As mentioned in a previous post Cade is eating solids now. He has tried: rice cereal, oat cereal, prunes, green beans, squash, peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. So far he likes the cereals, prunes, squash and peas. Why doesn't he like sweet potatoes? Who doesn't like sweet potatoes?

We are trying corn next and then I think its time for some fruit. I am making some of the food but can't find some organic veggies so I am also buying. He still has reflux and the latest med didn't work. I'm done with the meds. I am thickening his pumped milk and the solids seem to help as well. He makes a big mess when he eats and like to spit his food at me. Yesterday I found green beans at the tip of my nose.

Next week-the countdown is on to the road trip. I have such anxiety about it, but Tyler isn't at all concerned. I have lists of things to pack for Cade. It amazes me how much stuff he needs. We leave on the 7th if I can manage to pack an entire room into the trunk of my car. Wish us luck!

The Mafia

After reading my cousins story about her pervert neighbor ( I was inspired the tell you about our crappy neighbors. Some of you have heard me rant about them before, but for those who haven't had the pleasure...

The neighbors across the street moved in about 3 years ago. We introduced ourselves and they seemed friendly enough. About 6 months after moving in they let their friend hit my car so hard that it relocated to the side walk. How do I know? The other neighbors watched their little friend leave their house! Police were called by the good neighbors and the bad neighbors denied it. Thus began my dislike of them.

Since then our cars have been hit 3 more times, once by slamming Tyler's car into mine. They never know anything about it. UNTIL-my first night out after having Cade. My dad took me to a hockey game and Tyler was with Cade. He watched the Bentley (mentioned below) hit his car. No apologies from the neighbors, NOTHING.

They also dumped gravel on the street (not their driveway) and it made a huge mess that was there for a few months. They make a ton of noise and he (40 something white guy with paunch, man boobs, and streaked blond tips) walks around without his shirt, chest puffed, smoking a cigar, talking on a cell phone. Apparently they don't have phone service in their home.

Why do I call them the mafia? They are friends with some locally known shady characters. They have lineups of Jags, Porches, and even a Continental Bentley GT (if you don't know this car is about $250000 cdn) at their house on any given night and they stay there until 3am. They park in front of our house and leave no room for Tyler. So last time he parked about 5 inches away from a Lincoln Navigator. I park in the garage now, with my new car, since I'd like it to stay in one piece. Did I mention they have a kid? We call him mini-mafia, since their poor manners seemed to have rubbed off on him. The evidence-he used to hit my car with his basketball whenever he felt like it.

So I know they aren't the worst out there (not even close) but they are lame. They annoy me and they have caused a few thousand in damages to our cars. I don't speak to them, I do glare pretty well though.