Sunday, April 26, 2009

I ate a piece of organic bird 45 minutes ago, I might puke. I've struggled with my vegetarianism for about 4-5 months now and after an interesting coversation, with another vegetarian (!!!), I decided that I would consume organic poultry. When I became a vegetarian I was philosphically opposed to eating meat. I'm not sure what happened but apparently I no longer value poultry in comparison with bovines and swine. That and my naturopath suspects that I am anemic and lack energy, my metabolism sucks ass and my adrenal gland is functionally poorly. Apparently, I'm dying a slow and painful death.

So I bought some. I thanked the bird and ate about 2 ozs and I am fairly sure that 5 years with no meat what-so-ever + bird = pain. I'm a hypocrite and I deserve it. And I will do it again, next time I won't forget the apple cider vinegar in advance.

As for the naturopath-she recommended a B vitamin complex daily plus a vitamin pack x2/day, a bunch of ground up seeds (must buy seeds), a magensium formula and poultry 5 days a week. I'm compromising with 2-3 days a week.

And on to other things...Ty and I had a date night last night when he came home from work. My dad stayed over with Cade and they spent the day with his fiance and their dog. Cade seemed pretty pleased with his new loot (spoiled??? of course not). We stayed at the local Fairmont property, where we were also married 5 yrs ago next month. We ate, I may have had a rather large intoxicating martini, we ate more, we shopped. We spent $500 in 22 hrs. OUCH. And so that my dear is our annual date. Next time C is sleeping at grandpas and we're eating Ichiban.

PS-Here are some recent shots of my super-cute-super-loud-super-smart-kid.