Monday, August 25, 2008

Helloooooo out there

I did not disappear,but I have been absent. Cade decided to throw my BRAND NEW LAPTOP on the ground, and broke it-or something. I have to take it to get repaired, yay for extended warranties. This happened 10 days ago and I STILL haven't had time yet. So I'm relegated to Tyler's computer and I don't like sitting in the basement thus I am basically required to do other things, like read, clean, know the drill.

Things that have happened since my last post:
1. I'm not sick anymore, aside from some crap in my lungs the wretchedly bad cold symptoms are all gone.

2. While the rest of my head feels good my ears do not. I have chronic inner ear inflammation and have to take round the clock antihistamines for 2-3 weeks to see if I can bring it down, if not then I need to see a specialist. It makes me feel off balance and therefore I am prone to chronic stumbling.

3. This leads me to tell you about my mildly sprained ankle. Yes, my ear casued me to stumble when I tried to get out of bed to feed my baby at 2am. Thanks ears, thanks baby.

4. I am having a momma's only trip, leaving on Aug 27 early afternoon and coming home Aug 30 lunchtime. I NEED a break but I am having a really really really(!!!) tough time with thinking about being so far from Cade. I have never been away from him. I'm going shopping, in Seattle, and I'll need to get really drunk not to think about how much I miss my guys. Ok, maybe just slightly drunk. On the upside, THREE nights of straight sleep. Does that really exist?

5. Work is going well. My boss gave me a GC for Coach, because she knows that I might have just a slight addiction. Woohoo for me, double woohoo for her!

6. I saved $34 this week by waiting for a 20% off coupon day at a store I like. BUT, I accidentally boughtjeans with a 36 inch inseam, because we all know that I'm tall enough to wear a 36 inch inseam. Umm wait, 5"7 didn't really cut it...then I bought a sweater.

7. This leads me to tell you that after that wedding I went to on Aug 2/3 I decided that I looked like a pig and needed to lose weight. I have lost 12lbs in 22 days and I am not starving myself. I am counting calories and am being diligent. Plus I allow myself a cheat day every week. That said my trip will likely be a "cheat" three days but that's ok, I'll be extra good when I come home.

8. Cade has taken to saying f**k, when he tries to say "sock". It's so hard not to laugh. He also says c**k in replacement of sock. That one shocks even my husband. This in addition to the constant "homo!". Nice.

And that's all from our household. Have a fun week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Forget the shrink, get me a budget!

I've been shopping a lot lately, and it's kind of bad. So bad that I haven't looked at my bank balances because I really don't want to see what the Visa balance is. So bad that I let Tyler buy, knowing that the upcoming HELOC will make it all a poof of air....poof.

This week...
1. New Coach purse (necessity?/gift!)
2. New oven (necessity)
3. New makeup (necessity?)

4. 2 new bookcases (redesign of living room)
5. New dining room table (redesign of dining area)

A week ago...
6. New TV/Blu-Ray/Digital Box (redesign of living room)

7. 2 new loveseats (redesign of living room)
8. New area rug (redesign of living room)
9. New window in bathroom (necessity)
10. New door (lets air in, cold in this city, necessity)
11. Microwave trim kit for new toaster oven (TO was a gift and needs to go somewhere, the only space is over the oven)

I think I'll be done then, just in time for Christmas shopping. Perhaps I should reconsider working part-time?


Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick, get me a shrink!

I'm sitting here, wide awake at 6am, obsessively thinking about makeup, purses and cleaning.

Last night I was perusing a makeup website and contemplating a third order in 2 months when I decided that I did not need another makeup case full of crap. So I did not place and order, but I did walk away from the computer with a sense of pride in my frugalness (for the moment). Tyler was in an obsessive cleaning mood and wanted some help, so I obliged. I couldn't fall asleep until 11:30, but all and all it was a productive evening.

I slept, sort of. I dreamed about makeup. It was like one of those Groundhog Day dreams, where packages of makeup kept coming by me, OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I tossed and turned and woke up repeatedly. I finally stopped dreaming of makeup, but I started dreaming of Windex. So I tossed and turned and woke up repeatedly. Then Cade woke up at 4:41am, hungry. I fed him a bottle and tried to go back to bed. No such luck, I started obessively thinking about Coach bags. Tyler is letting me pick out a new one today (birthday gift) and I couldn't help going over every single coach bag that I could think of. I finally got up 15 minutes ago...and went to the Coach site. I think I better go order that makeup too, so I can relax. And does anyone know where I can get bulk amouns of cleaning products?

I think I have a problem, and they call it OCD.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I almost forgot this one...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Silly baby, you're so cute!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Yesterday was Tyler's birthday and we lounged around in the morning. While rifling through the mail yesteday I noticed a letter from the local police department. A speeding ticket-addressed to my husband. I opened it and took a look at the picture and it wasn't his car. Not even close. It was a black 1989-ish looking Civic and he used to own a black 1992 Civic, they look completely different.

We bought a new Acura last fall and apparently my BRILLIANT husband did not cancel the registration on the Civic when he donated the car. So off it went to a junk yard to be parted out-license plate included. And whatever junk yard got it sold the registered plate! WTF? So Tyler went and found out that the registration lasped in June (ticket on July 19) and he made sure to have it removed from our address. Now he gets to go to court to prove that as of November 2007 we didn't even own a Civic and that someone is impersonating him.

Glad he found it funny, because I nearly blew a gasket.

Happy birthday hunny!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mama! ------------------ Poo Poo!

This is a phrase that I've gotten used to hearing recently. I haven't thought much of it until tonight. I was reading a favourite blog and noticed a lot of comments about potty training, from about 1 onward. Cade's almost 18 months. He tells me about his poop, or he yells about his poop. Does this mean it's time to introduce the potty? I get the sense that I've been missing something. My mom always told me that she was just relieved that my brother didn't go to kindergarten in diapers, because apparently he was excessively hard to potty train, while I on the other hand went and sat on a potty at 12 months and never looked back. Seriously, I'm not making this up! So I had just figured that we'd start closer to three but now I think I've been underestimating baby C's desire not to wear shit on his ass. So off we go, to attempt potty training.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thinking about it

I'm thinking about shutting down my little blog. I haven't got much to say these days and the comments are scarce, so I think what I DO have to say is rather boring. If I shut it down I could dedicate even MORE time to facebook. Or perhaps I could shut both down and start interacting with other humans. Hmmm, something to think about.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The oven is dead

The oven is dead....Tyler killed it.

It's actually been dead for 2 months and after many promises to fix it, he finally shorted it (yes, like electricity sparking and smoking) and now it's truely dead. The poor oven only lived for about 7 years. It was not abused. In fact, for about 5 of those years it was neglected, dusty, left to it's own devices. Since the arrival of his highness- it has amazed tastbuds everywhere with it's even heat distribution and frequent culinary forays. Now it lies alone, waiting for an oven man to come and take it to the oven grave yard, while a new shinnier, better functioning oven comes to replace it-to take over, with even better heat distribution. Bye oven, thanks for the years of hard work.