Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mish mash

I have lots to say today so here goes...

An annoyance: I am using a new laptop and the American English version is not working. This means I cannot use question marks or various other keys without an accent popping up (example-É is a question mark). So frustrating!

A near smackdown: I was recently at Michaels with my little person in stroller. He was chatting away, loudly, but not crying or screaming. I thought I heard a woman a few asiles away say something about keeping a child under control but then thought that would be so ridiculous that my ears must have been playing tricks on me. A few minutes later said woman was in my asile and Cade continued to converse with his cookie (will discuss later). She loudly, into her cell phone, proclaimed that no of course it was not her kid, it was some other womans, who apparently could not control him. I was SO close to shoving my foot up her ass..but thought pulling a PWT (poor white trash) move in the Michaels would have actually been worse than her comments. After I left I thought of numerous clever, and mean, things I could have said. For instance: Listen bitch, if I have to listen to you rattle on to some sucker on your cell phone I think you can tolerate a baby talking. He does not have a mute button but I can help you find yours (insert a variety of items I can shove in her mouth). I must sound so angry but it was my momma bear coming out in me. Momma bear is fierce. Lesson: wear earplugs or boxing gloves.

A instance of poor mothering: I plied my child with cookies. Granted they were organic and he is almost 9 months, I think I am now officially out of the running for mother-of-the-year. I let him eat 3. They are the size of a toonie each. Bad mom, bad! Lesson: carry cookies everywhere.

A near miss: I was putting some clothing in Cades dresser and heard him giggling behind me. I turned around to find he had managed to crawl up on to the chair in his room, via the footstool. He was about to go headfirst on to the hardwood floor. I did a movie worthy leap, slightly straining my back and grabbed him before the plunge. My baby was fine as is my back. Lesson: move footstool.

My next post will be about Christmas. I am obsessed, I am planning my decorations but am not allowed to put them up until December 1. The countdown is on.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Beautiful Boy

Yes-you can see prints on the flooring. They still need to be edited.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On the mend

I woke up yesterday feeling much better. I saw the endodontist again, and aside from shaving down my tooth, she said it seems to be healing-finally! Thanks for the e-mail, comments and calls. I am no longer dying a slow and painful death-by-tooth. Cade must be happy, my smile is no longer lopside and my nose reloacted back to its original position. I think I looked like a stranger. I had taken a picture of my gums and infection but in case any of you log on while eating, contemplating eating, or just recently finished eating, I thought better of it.

On a completely unrelated note: I've had to give Cade formula this week due to the antibiotics and occasional narcotic use on my part. It makes his breath stinky and his poop green and REALLY stinky. Oops, there I go being gross again.

P.S. My laptop is being repaired, again...I'll try to post some pics when I remember to bring the disc all the way down to the basement:) We got some great new ones done by my fabulous photographer friend Jessica Tse.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Update on the gigantic infection...

Ohhhhh they hurt, they hurt. Anyone want to come over and rip them out for me? I'm considering searching the house for a pair of pliers. My gums are so gross now, all bubbly looking, white and swollen on one side. Too much information? I called the endodontist but no response yet. Antibiotics don't seem to be working. Did I mention that these are front teeth??? Owwwwww.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cade's 1st Halloween

My peanut is SO cute. He was a monkey but because of my drug induced costume assembly he wore blue socks. Thats all I have to say about Halloween, since I can only vaguely recall the events of that day-after my ridiculously painful tooth experience.