Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ouch Ouch Ouch

I almost died this week. Ok, so thats dramatic but I had a miserable tooth week. I've come up with some descriptive terms for the events of this past week. Here is my long, drawn out, story...

I woke up last Wednesday with a mild multiple toothache, across the top right side of my mouth. I didn't think too much of it since I tend to clench my teeth in my sleep. However; over the course of the following few days the toothache turned to PAIN. Not just pain as in carry-on-with-your-day pain, but a constant pounding ache as well as shooting pain through all of those teeth, my nose, cheek and right eye. The teeth at the front of my mouth felt like there were knives sticking into my gums. This leads me to my descriptions of this pain experience. Here are a few, beginning with :It feels like...

1. someone is taking a sledge hammer to my face.
2. my face is on fire.
3. I was hit by a Mack truck.

and my personal favourite:

4. I'm birthing a baby through my gums (or nose on some occaisions).

All of these are kind descriptions of the pain I felt. After seeing two separate dentists on the weekend, who generously dug out my root canals, and an endodonist today who dug some more, re-did the root canals and sliced open my gums (to drain the GREEN infection out), I feel a bit better. The whole slicing of the gums was an entirely different story, you know-the kind in which you are shaking like a dog with fleas and gripping the arm rests like you you might go flying out the 11th story window. While I've LOVED my $2400 worth of x-rays (7) and medications (6) and needles (somewhere around 20) I'm hoping the tooth fairy lets me rest now.

Oh, and today is Halloween. With my gums sliced open we attended a baby Halloween party. Fun times and great pics. I was not about to miss my baby's first Halloween, even if I tasted metal in my mouth the entire time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going, going, gone.

My little brother moved away a week ago. Ok, I should call him my younger brother since he is younger than me AND larger than me. There are only the two of us and he left me for greener lands. We have a good relationship but didn't see eachother that often. He has a girlfriend but essentially lives the 20-something lifestyle, while I am married with child. This leads me to why I'm sad... I spent most of my youth around family, lots of family. I had a lot of aunts and a few uncles and a whole football team of cousins. I envisioned this life for my child. However; with my brother and Tyler's sister in the next province, there will be smaller family get togethers. So while I'll miss my brother, I'm sad for my baby. He'll never know the huge family get togethers. On the plus side-family vacations will be fun, once Cade figures out who uncle J is. So uncle J, if your reading this, you better spoil him to compensate for your absence! Now I just need to reconstruct the family, throw a few friends in there and give Cade some psuedo aunts and uncles. Any takers?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


A blogger friend,, has inspired me to get active. I've taken up walking, which was also a great excuse to go shopping. I needed a jogging stroller, just in case I decided to run (ha ha ha!), and this enabled me to spend some more money. I am very good at spending money. I love to shop. Proof? Yesterday I took Cade out and walked to the MEC near my house. In case there any creeps lurking I'll just say its by a Starbucks, organic food store, kids consignment store, kids boutique, and a few great, overpriced, gift shops. I took my speed walking as an excuse to stop in at every one of these stores, make a few purchases and enjoy a decaf latte with caramel, yum yum. I was gone for three hours. Three hours! I only live 18 blocks each way (from the furthest destination)! This should tell you that I enjoyed my shopping trip. I also walked today, but only to Safeway, so all purchases were required items. I have redeemed myself. Tomorrow? I'm thinking of challenging a long winding hill. right by my house. But there are no shops at the bottom. What to do, what to do?
Pics: Cade attempting to breakout of "prison". Cade, somehow, managing to get himself into a basket. Cade enjoying some swing time at the park.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving! Our first thanksgiving with Cade was held yesterday at our place. He was a perfect little baby. He ate his food and spent some time with his momma (trying to grab anything in reach). He went to sleep like an angel and slumbered through the clean up. I didn't take any pictures (what was I thinking???). So I posted one of him playing with his new favourite toy-the garbage can. Now I'm off to my leftover induced comma, I plan on waking in three days. Night night.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Uh Oh!

I left Cade sitting in the hall today next to a toppled over basket of laundry (thankfully I had the foresight to put it on its side). The images above are what I returned to. He stood up about another 15 times today. Uh oh! How long until he walks?