Thursday, July 26, 2007

6 Updates

I've spent this whole week trying to come up with something interesting to say and alas...nothing. So I thought I'd fill the readers in on my week and the prune fiasco.

1. Prunes look the same when they come out. Cade had gas from the prunes and I tested this by trying them again yesterday. So no more prunes for now. But boy did they work. I knew baby poop would take on a new odour after starting solids, but yuck. It stunk up his whole room for an hour, even after removing the garbage. He seemed pretty pleased with himself though. He is such a guy.
2. The diaper rash is back...sigh.

3. Its amazing how busy you can be when your on mat leave. Cade and I have plans every day. Yesterday we met a friend for a Chiller and then went shopping with another friend and her pretty baby. H&M has a dangerous baby section. Every time I go there I spend too much money. Yes it has a baby section-why don't people believe me?

4. Speaking of H&M, I bought myself a hat, which looks like a bakers hat crossed with a conductors hat (Cara) and put it on to show Cade. He laughed hysterically. Maybe its not so flattering???

5. I'm going to the St. Albert farmers market this weekend. I LOVE it. I'm going to buy vegetables and fruit and whatever else looks good. I always like spending $. I'm dragging Cade along. Now, I just need to ensure that these purchases don't go to waste. Any ideas?

6. We head out to visit family in BC in a few weeks. Looking forward to the visit, but dreading the getting there part. And the packing part...Again, any ideas on travelling with a baby who doesn't like the car seat, sitting still, or being quiet?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Prunes look like Poop

We saw the pediatrician today. Cade has reflux and needs medication (the last one didn't work and he vomits between 5-15 times a day). She also recommended that he start solids to decrease the acid production and subsequent regurgitation. So we started with prunes tonight. Strange choice I know. Cade has had some excrement issues of late so this was to assist in his bowel clearing (also pediatrician recommended).

I boiled and pureed the prunes and they made a big mess. My kitchen was covered with poop looking splatters. For those of you who have been in my kitchen you know I am just a tad anal when it comes to the cleanliness/order of this space. It took me a solid cleaning frenzy to get rid of the poop-like splatter.

I took a picture of him with prunes all over his face. It looked like poop was dribbling down his chin. I stupidly started this at 6pm, not thinking of when those prunes will reach his tiny bowels. Now I await a night of poop.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Do you want to puke?

I was thinking that I write a lot about my baby. Before I was a parent I would have found this annoying, first this first that, blah blah blah. Perhaps some of you are sick of the constant baby talk, but then again the blog name is lessonsinmotherhood. If you are sick of it-suck it up, I like my baby. I like looking at him and talking about him and I make no apologies.

Happy Birthday to Cade's Third Cousin by Marriage

Like that title? Families are so complicated. Cade's cousin and BitetheRabbit's son just celebrated his 1st birthday. This was the first birthday party that Cade has attended. Here are a few cute pictures. By the way-he was a little angel.

On a side note-Cade is trying to crawl. He does this by pulling up his bum and doing a face plant. Apparently he has yet to realize that crawling requires both ends of his body. Every time he does this he gets very frustrated and cries until I pick him up. Hey-at least hes cute.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I've got nothing...

I have nothing to say today, aside from the fact that it is disgustingly hot here. I hate extreme weather. So here is a cute picture of Cade beating the heat, sporting only a diaper. The killer rash is back. Sigh.

So since thats all I have, here are our plans for the weekend:

1. Meet Megan for brunch at the Urban Diner tomorrow.

2. Clean the house before my mom arrives.

3. Attend Harrison's first birthday party.

4. Find some time for Vi's.

5. Take Cade in the backyard pool for a dip (after cleaning every single dead bug out). This also entails blowing up the baby "turtle" to sit him in and cover his perfect skin.

What are your plans? (This requires you to leave a comment, aren't I sneaky?)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Batteries and Babies

And on another note, I have a rant about batteries and babies. Have any of you ever noticed how many batteries babies need? Well not the baby directly but the toys. They aren't all normal AA, they are D, 9 volt, C etc. This adds up! Nevermind that my household seems to be solely responsible for tainting the groundwater in some local town. This is because until recently we have been guilty of throwing old batteries in the garbage. Apparently this is a big "no no", but it seemed like a waste of a drive (a hence contribution to air pollution) to drop them off a battery recepticle. This is what I've been telling myself. Now that we are using about 1 billion batteries we are recycling and I feel proud of myself.

Oh-I got a new camera yesterday (Nikon D40x), but haven't had the time required to set up the software so no pics of that yet. Again- unrelated pictures of my peanut.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

SO cute!

Ok, how cute is this?

Cade's first wedding

For some reason my title bar is not working (so I have included my title above). Cade attended his first wedding last night (Michelle and Real :). He was fantastic, a few little squeaks but otherwise perfect. Here is a picture of the beautiful bride and the groom, as well as peanut having a little nap on dad.

Friday, July 6, 2007

That damn rash

The nasty rash is gone! On to new things-Cade seems to have figured out who I am. He likes me! He likes me so much that when I leave the room he usually cries until I reappear. Peek-a-boo doesn't work yet. He hasn't processed that I am still nearby. So while I'm feeling the love, I am also feeling the pull-your-hair-out frustration that I can't even go pee without him crying.

Also...he is in the next level of car seat now. I dreaded this because it meant I couldn't cart him around while he slept. He has been great though. Car-stroller-car-stroller and on and on. We went out the past two days and hardly a peep. I'm a lucky mommy.
This is him in his new exersaucer-which they should rename "baby occupier". Love it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Restful Nights

Three nights in a row, until 5:00 a.m., without feedings....Cade slept. All this after going to bed around 9:30 p.m. I would like to think that this is his new sleeping pattern but know better than to expect predictability from a baby. For example- he is currently sleeping in my lap and doesn't usually nap at this time. Cross your fingers for me. And again, another unrelated picture.vI love baby feet. Scroll down to see the sleeping baby.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Beat the Heat

We decided to buy a portable air conditioner today. We got it home and went to install it (didn't know it needed to be installed, the portable thing is a lie). Tyler broke the window in Cade's room. Its original to the house and now needs to be replaced. It looks nice but had lots of leaky spots. It just so happens we have a window on order for our bathroom renovation. It is anticipated to take 7 weeks. GREAT. Its actually two windows that need to be replaced so I guess this was an expensive endeavour. All to keep our peanut cool in the upcoming heat. For now we have taped the remaining glass. Looks really classy...

And here is another totally unrelated picture. I can't help myself.

Attack of the Killer Rash

This rash is stubborn, it refuses to go away. It really seems to have a directive. I know this sounds paranoid but I am frustrated! Cade seems perfectly fine and doesn't react at all when I touch it. So tomorrow, although his doctor is away, I am calling her office and requesting a referral to another pediatrician in the mean time. Some may think this is new-mom anxiety but the red-rimmed circles on his legs are a little more than disconcerting. I was going to take a picture and post it, but "parts" may have been seen and I wouldn't want to put his goods on display, so I'll just post a cute, unrelated, picture (taken after a night of self abuse in his sleep).

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

Today I intended on taking Cade to the Silly Summer Parade, while Tyler slept off his night shift. It didn't happen. Cade has had this diaper rash for 4 days and it was getting worse so we headed out to the Medicentre. We saw a Dr. De Witt, who should be renamed Dr. Dim Witt. He glanced at his bum once and wrote a prescription. NO questions. I proceeded to fill him in on anything and everything that has been near Cade's bum or other body parts in the past week. He didn't even look at me. I then asked about possible side effects and he finally looked at me (like I was nuts) and said there are no side effects. I have NEVER heard of a medication with no side effects, so needless to say I'll be doing some reading prior to application. I spoke to a capital health nurse last night and she asked at least a dozen questions, all of which seemed relevant. I was not impressed with Dr. Dim Witt and won't be taking Cade there again.

By the way...I need comments. I get excited when I see a comment was left. So leave one, even if it has nothing to do with my updates. I'm starved for adult interaction.

Oh-and I just like this picture, it has nothing to do with anything. Happy Canada Day! (Funny thing is that it wasn't taken in Canada)