Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

Hi people,
Its Cade. Today my parents took me to a pumpkin place 1/2 hour into the country. Does this sound ridiculous anyone? They could have just bought a few of those big orange things and plunked me in the backyard for my photo-op but noooo.

So we get there and its not a pumpkin patch but a tent with pumpkins and hay. Apparently they have a corn maze and all these other cool things to do but we didn't do any of them. I think they were too lazy, but they tried to pawn it off on me being too young. They wouldn't even let me get my face painted. Maybe that was because the face painting lady had some demented looking cats painted on to her cheeks???

So they took about 2000 pictures and I wouldn't smile until my mom sang that crazy Zellers ABC-Z song. Ha ha, some lady overheard this, ha ha ha! After that I figured I'd better smile for them, since she put forth the effort to make me laugh.

After that my mom found it necessary to purchase 8 pumpkins of varying sizes and colours. My dad and I had to wait while she pumpkin shopped. We aren't clear as to why she needed 8 pumpkins but now they are spread around our house. She even bought a white one that she is endlessly intrigued by.

Then they stuck me in that damned car seat. I cried and cried and made my mom sit in the back with me. She tried to comfort me and I bit her finger-HARD. She made a funny sound and said "ouch". Kind of like the toy that I kick-it talks too. I wanted to make it clear that I would prefer to sit on her lap and bounce. She has this great brown stuff attached to her head that is SO MUCH FUN to pull. She also says "ouch" when I give it a tug.

We are home now and mom and I are both sick. She asked me to sleep nice tonight and I thought "HA! Just you wait for my pre-planned wakeup calls".

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shoe Ethics

I'm having a breakdown in my ethics. I don't purchase leather products for myself or my husband. I think that any vegetarian who does is defeating the purpose. However, Cade was given a pair of Robeez when he was born and I put them on him. Shameful-I know. I have been looking for new footwear for him since he is growing like a little weed. I need the kind that STAYS ON. I bought some cute winter boots but he manages to get them off. I need to get him some shoes now. The problem is that all off the shoes I put on those perfect little feet get kicked off. So do I go buy another pair of Robeez? They do stay on. But then I am contributing to cow murder. Do they make organic Robeez? Then I could take some solice in the cow enjoying life in pasture prior to its murder. What to do, what to do?

By the way-Cade asked me to inform you that he is going to attempt weekly posts for his viewing audiance.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A post from Cade

Dear reader,

I am crawling now. It made my mom cry. I didn't know why she was crying so I started to cry. I am also getting my third tooth and am not pleased about this. Additionally, my mom is installing safety devices around the house which inhibit my exploration. I am not particularily fond of the constant " no eating garbage". She says this when I attempt to eat garbage and also when I attempted to eat (clean) toilet paper. Today she dragged me around a store and bought 14 bags of fake chicken breasts becuase they were on sale. Interesting person this mother of mine.


Falling asleep mid-meal

5 things you might and 5 things you don't know...

On a break from new events in motherhood. Here are some tidbits...

Things you probably know, if you know me that is:
1. I am colour phobic. I like black. I like black so much that most of my clothes are black (as is my car).
2. I love hockey and football. I am a couch coach and should be avoided while games are in progress.
3. I like symmetry. I get anxious without it. I know-this makes me neurotic.
4. Speaking of being neurotic-I generally am. I'm an ISTJ. Extreme on the J.
5. I'm an oldest child. This makes me: controlling, bossy, an overachiever, and the caretaker.

Things you probably don't know:
1. I bleached my hair blonde for about 6 months when I was 14 and cut it into a pixie cut because I wanted to look like Drew Barrymore (yeah-shes my twin). It felt and looked like straw. When I died over it, it turned a slight shade of green-and stayed that way until it grew out.
2. The first movie I ever saw was Gremlins. It scared the shit out of me and I still have issues with stuffed animals near water.
3. I am terrified of the barbeque. I won't light it, open it, cook on it. I will however eat food that was cooked on it. I mean I'm not THAT scared.
4. I have strange pains, at random moments, in my left knee. Its definetly the patella and doesn't seem to be associated with any particular movement. Its kind of like my leg pain when I was a kid. Maybe I'm a hypochondriac.
5. When I was 9, we got lost looking for my uncles house. I told my mom I could find it by scent. We were visiting him from out of town. I did find it. What a creepy child I was...

Oh-and I find The Exorcist funny. I know I know, you don't understand. My husband looks at me like I have two heads when I say this.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm back!

After two weeks sans laptop and endless bickering over the subsequent repairs with the nameless store-I'm back. I know my loyal readership (of MAYBE 10 people) is happy to read about poop and rashes again!

It has been a busy few weeks-Cade can now sit on his own. He scoots around on his belly and then flops on to his bum and plays with toys, yes he is a real life KID. How odd...we miss the little baby but this one is fun. Little baby was light and his poop didn't stink. He was a little scary though...and he looked like a miniature old man. He is still a crappy sleeper but at least he is a crappy sleeper in his crib. He goes to bed around 6:30 p.m. (trying to keep him up later creates one miserable baby) and this morning he gave me the pleasure of waking up before any chickens in the most proximal 500kms rose, yep 4:16 a.m..

Although not Cade related here are some more happenings in our household: Tyler's crapbox car died. Yay!!! It is arguably the ugliest car in this city. I was going to post a picture but decided it was just too embarrassing. Just think of a old civic partially collapsed on the front and back with plenty of rust to accessorize. We went and put a deposit on a new TSX yesterday. Very exciting to have something that I can get into without ducking and donning full facial coverage. I'm sure you think I'm entirely vain but if you do you haven't seen this thing. In the meantime he is using my car (working nights) and leaving me wonderful presents such as: Tim Horton's (TH) bagel wrapper, TH cup, TH napkins, random used Kleenex (which he said he used for Cade), and receipts. Today I politely advised him that he should remove his presents as I have no current use for dirty wrappers and used Kleenex.

What else? We parted ways with our fabulous contractor after he finished our overpriced front stairs. He was supposed to do our main bathroom, new inside doors, and install our new flooring. Tyler has decided he is going to teach himself how to do these things. My response? Hmmm, "maybe learning on our main bathroom is a tad ambitious". His response: "maybe it is". This doesn't make me feel better. However; he is the precise methodical type so I think it will be ok but it may take a few years to get done. At least I'm saving money and I can tell my new "contractor" to be quiet at naptime. There-I related it all back to Cade, tied up with a nice little bow.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

6 updates #2

I've had nothing interesting to say these days. For those who don't care if I sound interesting and are reading purely for Cade updates here we go:

1. The list of food is expanding. Most of it goes down easy but I do occasionally find particles of food in my hair and once on my right earlobe. Most loved: rice or oatmeal cereal, prunes, pears, peaches, bananas, corn, squash, peas. Most hated: barley cereal, chickpeas, lentils and chicken. Next up-tofu, wish me luck. Does anyone know if you can buy organic fish (or is this entirely impossible)?

2. Still doing the "belly scooch", and is getting around pretty quick. Seems to like the hallway, scooches there a lot and looks around. Mostly this is done while laughing hysterically at Deacon the cat.

3. Says da da da, NO ma ma ma-I'm getting ripped off. Says the "t" in cat when I try to get him to say cat, or maybe I'm just imagining this since no one else has heard it yet.

4. Is sleeping in own crib for most of the night. Yay! This achieved through persistence-cuddle baby and put baby in crib (over and over). Now if only he would sleep more than a few hours in a row...

5. Can't go to restaurants anymore (hoping this is very temporary). If not occupired sufficiently screaming fit ensues, no fun for other patrons or parents of cute baby.

6. Leave me a comment lurkers. Click on the comments and use anonymous so you don't have to sign in. I KNOW your there-you send me emails about posts. I'm watching you!